The ALA and the statutes

The establishment of a legal entity as an Autonomous Local Authority with public control describes the tasks of the project and allows for an economic and dynamic management in response to the different activities that will take place there. 

Who are the members of the Régie Communale Autonome (Autonomous Local Authority)?

- 5 non-elected members: Charles Leclef (Chairman), Krishan Maudgal, Margot Vogels, Nel Vandevannet, Patrick Mullie

- 6 elected members of the Local Council: Philippe Close (Vice-Chairman), Arnaud Pinxteren, Geoffrey Coomans de Brachène, Riet Dhont, Mary Nagy, Mohammed Ouriaghli.

What are the statutes?

Consult here (FR) and here (NL) the statutes of the Régie Communale Autonome Beurs-Bourse.