What will visitors find at the Bourse?

The Bourse will become a new covered public space that will be open to the city's residents and passers-by free of charge during the day. It will be a central meeting place, with benches in the central gallery and a restaurant. It will also house the permanent experience centre entitled the 'Belgian Beer World' and provide access to the archaeological site of Bruxella 1238, the ruins of the 13th century Franciscan monastery. You will also be able to visit temporary exhibitions in one of the lounges, meet with your association or company, organise a debate in the 120-seat auditorium, etc. The people of Brussels will also have the opportunity to propose their own activities.

What are the opening hours of the Bourse?

With entrances on all four sides of the Bourse, you will have free access during the day to the public gallery, restaurant, terrace with a panoramic view of the City and the public toilets. The precise opening hours of the Bourse are not yet known.

When will local residents and passers-by be able to visit the terrace on the roof?

The terrace, which offers a panoramic view over Brussels, is freely accessible during the opening hours of the Bourse. The terrace is limited in size and is intended for visitors who want to see the City from above. It is not intended to be used for festivities. The roof terrace will close at 10 pm at the latest.

Outside the opening hours of the 'Belgian Beer World’ permanent experience centre, the skybar (marking the end of the experience with a short beer tasting) is open to everyone.

Will the stairs of the Bourse remain freely accessible?

No location in Brussels better symbolises freedom of expression than the steps of the Bourse. Even after the renovation of the building, the stairs will be there for all City visitors, including citizens who wish to express themselves openly.

So many entrances... are they all really necessary?

With the exception of the entrance at St. Nicholas' Church, these are all existing entrances that will be reopened. The additional entrance at the corner of Rue de la Bourse and Rue Tabora (alongside the St. Nicholas Church) should help to regulate the flow of pedestrians to and from the Grand-Place and will also make the Bourse more accessible to people with disabilities. Current fire safety standards require larger entrance doors to make the building accessible to the public.

How many square metres of the Bourse are dedicated to the permanent experience centre on Belgian brewing culture?

The Belgian Beer World will be located on the upper floors of the Bourse. In total, it will cover +/- 4,500 m², or just over a third of the total surface area of the Bourse (12,000 m²).

Which breweries will take part in the permanent exhibition?

More than 100 breweries - from large and medium-sized breweries to the smallest brewery in our country - will showcase the versatility and diversity of Belgian brewing culture. Three Brussels breweries will also participate in the project. An overview can be found here: https://beursbourse.be/sites/default/files/BBW-Deelnemende-brijen-janua…

What will be the focus of "Belgian Beer World"?

The permanent experience centre will be open to the general public as well as to genuine beer enthusiasts. Amongst other aspects, visitors will be immersed in medieval beer craftsmanship, in the influence of Belgian beer brewing on a global scale and the overall brewing process.

Will the future Bourse be operated by the Federation of Belgian Brewers?

No, the Federation of Belgian Brewers are funding partners of the experience to showcase the Belgian brewing culture. The City of Brussels will be responsible for the management of the Bourse through the creation of an autonomous municipal company (Société Communale Autonome) developed for this purpose.

How much will the use of the multipurpose rooms cost?

The autonomous municipal company that the City will establish will determine the pricing. It will set democratic prices. Accessibility to a wide public is one of the commitments of the autonomous municipal company.

How many jobs will the refurbishment of the Bourse generate?

The refurbished Bourse will provide many employment opportunities. Staff will be needed for the management (such as ticket sales) of the Belgian Beer World experience centre and the Bruxella 1238 archaeological site, the restaurant, the skybar, the rental of meeting rooms, the organisation of cultural events, security, cleaning, etc. At present, about 20 staff members are expected to be employed for the first two years and 40 over the long term.

What will happen to the furniture and paintings left in the Bourse after the departure of the stockbrokers?

Some of the original furniture will remain in the renovated Bourse, for example the benches and baskets into which the stockbrokers threw their documents and around which they negotiated. With regard to other items, such as the floor of the central gallery, we will look for interested organisations and individuals. Some of the heritage and paintings will be preserved thanks to the City’s curators, who have made a detailed inventory.

Who is involved in the renovation and refurbishment project?

The renovation and refurbishment of the Bourse is a project of the City of Brussels, the architectural firm Robbrecht en Daem, BEAU and Popoff, the Directorate of Cultural Heritage, the Region of Brussels-Capital, Beliris, FEDER and the Belgian Brewers.