Ground floor

At street level you will find the entrance to the archaeological site 'Bruxella 1238', the exhibition on the history of the Bourse Building, the museum shop, an auditorium, co-working spaces, meeting rooms, public toilets and the kitchen.

The archaeological site will now be accessible through the Bourse itself, rather than through the glass structure in the rue de la Bourse. The site remains visible at street level via three round glass windows. 

Bruxella 1238

On the ground floor there will also be a permanent exhibition on the history of the Bourse Building.

The museum shop (3,199 m²) is dedicated to the activities in the Bourse.

The ground floor also features an auditorium with 100 seats, co-working spaces and meeting rooms (equipped with wi-fi, projector, paper-board,...) and public toilets. The restaurant's kitchen is also here.

Doorsnede Beurs - section Bourse


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