Bourse - Beurs

The Régie Communale Autonome (RCA) BEURS-BOURSE is looking for one or more HORECA projects that are sustainable and have a positive impact on the neighborhood and users of the renovated building, so as to become an attractive place that will contribute to maintaining quality social and/or cultura

Student project Saint-Luc

The third-year students at Saint-Luc School of Art in Sint-Gilles were commissioned to come up with a new interpretation for the Bourse.

Trap - escalier Malfait

A staircase was uncovered during the dismantling works at the end of April. Its existence was known through building plans, but it was hidden away.

Démontage - demontage - dismantling

After a few weeks of standstill, the works in the Bourse were resumed at the end of April, with respect for the social distancing rules.

Belgian Beer World

The City is launching a call to screenwriters, game and app developers, film-makers, etc. for the development of the multimedia Belgian Beer World trail and the design of the archaeological site Bruxella 1238. Interested candidates can register for the public contract until 5 May 2020 (10.30am).