1st Floor

The renovated Bourse will be the extension of the well-known staircases: a central and creative meeting place, where the voice of the Brussels native will also be heard.

On the first floor ('the parquet', to the original floor) will be benches, a brasserie (195 m²), a restaurant (347 m²), exhibition spaces (2,226 m²) and meeting and event rooms (257 m²). The Bourse will be a place to chill out, meet up, visit an expo, etc.

Doorsnede Beurs - section Bourse


The Bourse is literally throwing open all its doors: besides the entrance via the stairs, there will also be passages at the Grand Place, rue de la Bourse and rue Henri Maus. Pedestrians can easily walk through the medieval quarter to the boulevard Anspach.

Ingangen - entrées - entrances


The ticket desk and access to 'Belgian Beer World' is also located on the first floor. Taking the stairs or elevator you can also get to the ground floor (at street level), where there is access to the archaeological site 'Bruxella 1238', the museum shop and the public toilets.


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