The project

The Bourse, with a surface area of about 12,000 m², will be open to the general public from spring 2023. In addition to a cultural and tourist hotspot, with a skybar, restaurant and brasserie and with access to the archaeological site ‘Bruxella 1238’ and the 'Belgian Beer World’ permanent exhibition centre, it will also be a central meeting place for everyone. The renewed Bourse will be the extension of the famous staircases: a place where the voice of the Brussels native is heard – the heart of the city.

The renovation project of the Bourse Building will give a new dynamic to the historic centre of the City, which is a Unesco heritage site. The Bourse Project is funded by various private and public partners. 


What's on every floor?

The iconic steps of the Bourse – a symbol of unity in diversity – get their extension in the renovated Bourse. It will be a place to meet up, to chill out, to visit an expo, but also where the voice of the Brussels native is heard in one of the city's many participation projects.

A large part of the renovated Bourse will consist of public space which will make the building a central and creative meeting place in the city. There will be a central gallery with benches, a restaurant, exhibition and meeting rooms, a terrace with skybar and panoramic views... The Bourse is literally throwing open its doors: besides the entrance via the stairs, there will also be passages by the Grand Place, rue de la Bourse and rue Henri Maus.

Through the central public space, visitors will have access to the various functions of the Bourse. Tickets will only be required for the Belgian beer culture permanent experience centre, 'Belgian Beer World' and for the archaeological site ‘Bruxella 1238’, the ruins of the Franciscan monastery on which the Bourse was built.

No more symbolic place to highlight Belgian beer culture than the Bourse, under which the legendary beer king Gambrinus (Jan Primus, Duke Jan I of Brabant) is buried. Click here for more information about the history of the Bourse.

Click on each of the levels to see what you can find there.

A collaboration between private and public partners

The Bourse Project is funded by various private and public partners:

The partnership of the Belgian brewers concerned is responsible for the development and promotion of Belgian Beer World and is making a financial contribution of 5 million Euro.

The City of Brussels is the owner of the Bourse Building (with a value of around 12 million Euro). It is contributing 34.5 million Euro to the renovation and redevelopment of the Bourse.

The Region supports the Bourse Project financially (12 million Euro) for its contribution to the image of Brussels in Belgium and abroad. It also frees up 5.5 million Euro for the renovation of the listed heritage of the Bourse Building and the 'Bruxella 1238' archaeological site.

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is an instrument for European regional policy that aims to offer new opportunities for European citizens and to close the gap in living standards between different regions. This is an investment and solidarity mechanism of the European Union which, thanks to European and regional investment, has an impact on our daily lives.

The renovation and conversion of the Bourse is in line with the priorities of the ERDF programming for 2014-2020. This includes the creation of jobs and the support of SMEs, especially in the cultural and tourism sectors.

The Bourse Project received an investment grant from the ERDF 2014-2020 Operational Programme of the Brussels-Capital Region. The programme's contribution amounts to EUR 7.2 million, of which 50% comes from Europe and 50% from the Region.




The cost of working on the Bourse is currently estimated at 39.8 million Euro, excluding VAT. The intention is that the Bourse will provide employment for about 20 employees in the first two years and 40 staff in the long term.